Acadia, Maine.

Sometimes I think the best preparation for finals is to get away from school and relax. Of course, I have tons to do and not enough time to do it, but the truth is, if I’m not mentally ready for the challenge ahead, no amount of studying could adequately prepare me. So, with just two weeks until finals (and no reading week in sight this year), I headed off with my partner to Maine where I camped for the first time. It was a great weekend, I loved the cool weather and spending time with her family. I also got to eat plenty of crab which was probably my favorite part since it’s a rare find in Boston.

It was a very fast trip. We drove the six hours up and got there around 4:30 since we had to drop off our dog and stop a few times for snacks and lunch. That night we had a great dinner, set up our camp and relaxed by the fire before heading to bed pretty early. The next day we woke up around 6 to the sound of crazy birds, went out to an early breakfast and celebrated lobster fest, after visiting Thunder Hole, a great spot along the coast. The final day there we hiked around Jordan Pond and had lunch at the delicious Pond House before making the long drive home. Getting into Boston at 11 was a little bit rough since I had class the next morning, but over all, the trip was really worth it and I’m glad we both made time in our busy schedules to get away. Despite my hesitation about camping, I enjoyed being in the woods, away from the stress of life. No TV, no cell service, no internet access = no worries about anything back at home.






For now, it’s time to hit the books. I have  two take home finals and two in class finals to study for, one of which is closed book. I also have to finish up with the work for my research assistant position and get some more resumes packets out into the world.

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