Back In Classes!

After finishing up my first coop at Boston Medical Center, I started my last quarter of academic classes as a 2L in November. This semester I am taking Conflicts of Law, Professional Responsibility, Job Security and Rights and am a lawyering fellow for Law Office 5’s first year social justice project with Greater Boston Legal Services. Things haven’t been as busy as I had anticipated but overall I am really enjoying this semester. With the first years back at school, classes picking up speed, and many written assignments due in the upcoming weeks, I have a feeling I will soon be missing some of the down time I’ve had recently. It has also been nice to have some of my friends back in my classes this semester. I missed them greatly during the summer quarter!

Just before leaving for holiday break, I applied for my second coop. I chose a mix of places and am excited to find out what Spring quarter will have in store for me. All of the places will provide a great experience and will equally strengthen my legal skills. I hope my next coop will also give me greater insight into what I want to do after law school. I can’t believe how quickly graduation is approaching. I’m crossing my fingers extra tight for a few places and will write again when I know where I’ll be. For now, I hope I’ll be busy with interviews in the coming weeks.

Right now, I’m preparing for intensive week. The 1Ls don’t have classes from January 3rd through the 7th and will instead be immersed in their social justice project under my guidance. They will be working from 9-6 every day, researching like they’ve never researched before and usually attending a class meeting in the morning and evening. It’s busy and exhausting but the progress should be notable by the week’s end. I think having this week is a great opportunity to really get a good amount of work done so that the students have more time to focus on the difficult second semester classes such as constitutional law. Thinking back on my own first year, I found first semester to be challenging because everything was completely new and the learning curve was steep, but I found second semester classes to be much more difficult content wise.

I can’t wait to see what my law office will accomplish by the end of my time with them. They have already been a highly productive bunch of students and I’m sure their work product and presentation will be impressive!

Admissions Committee also resumes in January. I’m excited to have the opportunity to review applications again this year. The class of 2014 is extra special to me as my brother in law will be one of its finest members. I am looking forward to “meeting” some of the people who may be joining him. He found out he was accepted just before Christmas and I can’t wait for him to join me in the halls of NUSL next August!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and has a fantastic New Year!

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