Spring Coop

Within days of putting my applications together for the Spring coop collection, I found myself with a few interviews and soon accepted an offer at the US District Court for the District of Massachusetts with the Honorable Nancy Gertner. I am really appreciative of the opportunity to coop with her and know that my skills will not only be challenged, but greatly enhanced by the work I’ll complete during my time there. In preparation for this coop, I’ve already begun to read more about clerking for judges (although clerking is a position for after graduation, it’s the most relevant material) so I can have a better grasp of the kind of writing, research and other duties that will be expected of me. Talking to past judicial interns has also been extremely helpful.

One of the aspects I am looking most forward to is having the chance to observe court room proceedings while simultaneously getting a look behind the scenes. I’m also interested in seeing how lawyers litigate their cases and looking forward to the exposure to so many areas of the law. It should be a great experience. I can’t wait to get started!

My experience getting and working at my last coop and now the ease of getting this one has made me realize how awesome the coop experience at NUSL is. Getting internships in this economy is much more difficult than in years past, but the coop office makes it seem as if the economy is booming with all of the opportunities they provide. I can’t imagine how difficult getting some of the coop experiences would be if I had to approach places on my own. There is nothing better in this economy than the opportunity to have four professional references and a year of legal work experience upon graduation. Coop has already helped me to realize what areas of law I’m interested in, what kind of legal environment I want to work in and what size firm might fit my life best. It has also enabled me to sharpen and hone my skills in a way the classroom could never provide. The coop experience was something I knew made a Northeastern education very valuable, but it was also the aspect I was most nervous about. However, after my first coop, it has quickly become my favorite part of law school.

For now, it’s time to start getting down to the heart of my courses in a very serious way. Things are going to be wrapping up in just a few weeks and I have a lot of material to become conversant with, some papers to write and a few other major assignments to finish up. The end of classes always comes much quicker than I had anticipated and with the holiday break and a snow day thrown into the mix, I feel that my courses are ending before they have even really begun.

For now, I’m going to take advantage of the three day weekend and try to get ahead of some of the chaos that will soon ensue!

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