My Journey through Law School: All the Fun and Just Enough Fuss!

Welcome! While I embarked on the law school journey back in September, it is an absolute thrill to now begin sharing my personal experiences with you. I think blogging will make the journey even more extraordinary. Rather than tell you that law school is life-changing, I can now show you why it has proven to be so—at least for me! Here we go…

January is wrapping up. There is yet another weather advisory alerting us about the heavy snow fall this evening. I am warming up with chamomile tea (to sweeten the pot, I added honey and goji berries) and writing a tentative schedule for the long night ahead. As a 1L at NUSL , we get the unique opportunity to work on a year-long social justice project. Working with a team of 12 or 13 students, we get to dive into legal research, work closely with our clients, and understand how lawyering works in the social context. The project is demanding and undoubtedly intense. Therefore, I feel extremely thankful that I get to work with such a high-functioning team of students. Tonight, I have the task of fact-checking and correcting citations (this can take many hours!) Also on my to-do list is drafting a Motion to Dismiss for the Legal Research and Writing class and reading for my other traditional first year law school courses: Contracts, Criminal Law, and Constitutional Law. Due to a relentless cold I caught earlier this week, I have some extra readings to catch-up on. Time management skills are absolutely key to making it through law school!

I will make an effort to highlight and share some exciting stories via links or pictures within my blogs. I believe that learning takes places in all environments, especially outside of the classroom walls. It is wonderful to be in a city that is both a historic and fun place to explore. I have been trying my best to experience what Boston has to offer while managing the law school workload. My personal favorite experience this month was the opportunity to attend Governor Patrick’s Inaugural Ceremony at the Boston Public Library.

Since I will be sharing more of my day-to-day experiences as a law school student in the upcoming posts, I will dedicate this time to include a “who am I and why did I chose Northeastern” section. Hopefully learning about who I am will help explain some of my decisions later on in law school. It is first safe to assume that I love school. I have always enjoyed going to school, but I especially loved my college and graduate school learning experiences. The environment is invigorating. I am constantly inspired and challenged by those around me to think critically and to make constant applications. I especially value programs that are interdisciplinary, and I actively seek programs that advocate a nexus between theory and practice. As a result, I was drawn to NUSL. Of course, listening to a good friend who is a NUSL alumni speak so highly about his law school experience also carried a lot of weight in my decision-making process.

While the journey has taken off, I am constantly learning more about NUSL and what the school has to offer. I am excited about using this forum as I learn more about the school, about the law, and as well as about myself. Thanks for joining me on this journey! – Phoebe Lee

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