The End. Again?!

Two days into finals week and I already have one completed! Last quarter not having a reading week was quite the shock, and now I’ve spaced out my time in a much more effective way. As a wiser 2L I have decided to take the slow and steady approach.

The final paper for one of my courses was due before the semester ended, so now I only have three finals to worry about. For my Professional Responsibility exam, I decided to write it early while everything was perfectly fresh in my mind. After a few hours at the computer, I was satisfied with the result. I have put that final aside for now and will edit it after my exam on Friday.

Currently, I’m working through my Conflicts exam which was also a take home. It has three questions and the professor allowed us to pick which problem to work through. I am confident about the fact pattern I have chosen and plan on writing my answer tonight, Monday and maybe Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday will be spent preparing for my in-class Employment Law final. Thankfully, my professor is incredibly nice and said that what I found to be the most confusing topic in the course won’t be on the exam. I was so relieved and thankful. I have also already outlined for the Employment exam, so I really need to just get all of the content squared away in my head.

Friday at 5pm, I will officially be on vacation. My partner has also taken the time off and it will be our first vacation together in a very long time. We are planning to spend a large portion of it finalizing our wedding details which have been greatly neglected due to busy schedules at work and school. We are finally starting to feel really excited and I am certain that the wedding will be a terrific end to my 2L year! I can’t wait to celebrate (for so many reasons!) with our family and friends in May!

Then! A few months with a judge and before I know it, I’ll be back in school with a new class of 1Ls (ALREADY! –welcome!) and I will officially be a 3L.

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