Summer Time at NUSL

I entered law school without any legal experience. Yet, three months into my 1L year, I found a co-op for this summer! Over six months have passed since. My first year of law school has come to an end, and within a week my 2L year begins.

The summer is an exciting time at NUSL. It has become an invaluable time for NUSL students to continue our academic study either inside the classroom or in a real legal setting. For many of us, including myself, we will begin the first of four co-op experiences in the upcoming weeks.

Co-op, the Cooperative Legal Education Program at NUSL, makes it possible for every student to experience four quarters of full-time legal employment as part of their curriculum. As a result, NUSL students get more opportunities to work in different legal settings, fine-tune their legal research and writing skills, and become stand-out lawyers who are better prepared to make their mark in this field. Please see However to truly understand what the co-op program offers, I urge you to ask and learn about the personal stories and experiences of NUSL current students and graduates. The experiences are unique and the stories are often surprising.

For me, my co-op experience begins with a ten week judicial internship at the U.S. District Court here in Boston. For others, their co-op experience will take them to New York City, San Francisco, Washington, DC, or even to India. Some will work at law firms, many will work with judges, and others will work in public interest law settings such as government and service organizations. Each one of us will gain a co-op experience that is tailored to our professional interests, and allow us to engage with specific legal issues that will challenge us to explore our role in the field of law.

My summer break begins today. While I eagerly look forward to home cooked meals for the next seven days and marathons of my favorite television shows, I am also eagerly anticipating the start of my co-op experience that will follow immediately. I look forward to sharing my co-op experience throughout the summer!

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