Well Hello Readers!!!

Well Hello Readers!!!

I am extremely excited to be a ‘Northeastern Blogger’ this upcoming school year!!! I should probably first introduce myself to all of you. I reign from Stone Mountain, Georgia. For high school I attended The Galloway School located in Atlanta and for college I attended Sewanee: The University of the South. While in college I was very involved in campus life. For example, I traveled on many outreach trips; I was a part of the dance and cheerleading teams; I participated in office for the African American Alliance; I worked with the Multicultural Outreach Board; held office in a local sorority, etc etc.

After college I knew that I wanted to go to law school but I also knew that I needed a bit of a break from school. So, I moved to Memphis, TN to teach 8th grade math with the Teach for America program. This was an amazing opportunity that I am very grateful to have had. As a teacher, I continued to be involved with my school, and in the Memphis community. After school I coached cheerleading and dance, and during my summers off I worked with the Memphis Red Birds baseball team (Triple-A affiliate to the Cardinals) as part of their promotional squad (some people may refer to the ‘promotional squad’ as ‘baseball cheerleaders’). Furthermore, I worked at Camp Bob (a Christian camp for underprivileged children located in Hendersonville, North Carolina) for one summer.

During my second year of teaching I applied to law school and was accepted to Northeastern. What attracted me to Northeastern was the co-op program. I loved the fact that I had an opportunity to intern at four different places, for three months each, during my three years of law school.

As I rising 3L I am currently in my third co-op. For my first co-op I interned with a Juvenile Judge in Lowell, Ma. For my second co-op, I had the astounding opportunity to work in the reproductive rights unit for the Human Rights Law Network in Delhi, India. I was granted this opportunity through the PHRGE fellowship at Northeastern. (If you would like to hear more about my time there, please visit: http://asia-in-india.blogspot.com/ ). Currently, I am interning with the US Attorney’s Office in Nashville, TN and I am loving every second of it! As an intern with the US Attorney’s Office, I work with a variety of lawyers in drafting complaints and responses to appeals in the civil and criminal divisions of the office. (I will definitely explain more as the summer continues.)

Another great thing about Northeastern is the active student life. I am currently chair of the Black Law Student Association, a part of the governing council for the Student Bar Association, member of the Women’s Law Caucus and Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

Outside of work and school, I enjoy reading, learning about new things, experiencing new places, going to church, and having fun with family and friends. In addition, I absolutely adore lifetime movies. In fact, some may refer to me as a lifetime movie fanatic. But, hey, what can I say, it’s a ‘guilty pleasure’ of mine. 🙂

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