Reminiscing: Summer 2011

It rained today!!! I don’t know why the rain compelled me to write this blog post, but for some reason it did. One great thing about the rain is that my car gets a free car wash! I know what you’re thinking, but hey, I have to cut costs where I can. 🙂

As I look out of the window at the rain falling from the sky, I reminisce about my morning and further my summer as a whole. This morning I took the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). The MPRE is a test that all law students must pass in order to practice law in most jurisdictions. Although it is only a two hour test, the multiple choice questions are a bit tricky; thus, I studied and prepared for it by taking both a professional responsibility course at school and a Kaplan course on my own. I was a little nervous going into the test, but I adequately prepared for it and by God’s willing, I will do fine.

With less than a week left of my internship at the US Attorney’s Office, I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer. My co-op this summer was very thought-provoking and interesting. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most brilliant attorneys who have an array of knowledge that I can only hope to have one day. I loved this internship because the lawyers trusted me, along with the other interns, to draft responses to defendants’ motions and to appellate briefs: which definitely improved my writing. Subsequently, they read over my drafts, made corrections, debriefed my writing with me, and filed the document in court. I must say that it was a great feeling knowing that my hard work was used for the betterment of society. In addition, I had the opportunity to go on field trips with the other interns. Specifically, we visited the police station, TSA division at the airport, post office, and prison. There was one other field trip to the medical examiner’s office in which I did not attend because I knew that I could not stomach seeing an autopsy from start to finish.

Along with co-op, I also must reflect on the relationships that I’ve built throughout the summer. Moving to Nashville was a new experience for me. Prior to this summer I’ve had a limited amount of experience in Nashville: I attended college about an hour and a half away from Nashville but would only travel there a couple of weekends a semester with friends. Needless to say, living here was a bit different than a casual weekend trip. I moved to Nashville only knowing a couple of people in the city; therefore, I was inclined to make new friends. I was happy to learn that the interns with whom I would be working were all very nice. Throughout the summer we organized intern activities which included going to the swimming pool, having BBQ’s, going bowling, and much more. I am thankful for the relationships that I’ve built with my fellow interns and hope that they continue throughout the school year.

In addition, I also had a lot of fun this summer. Among other things, I took a trip to Houston and Rhode Island for weddings, traveled to New York for my boyfriend’s birthday, hung out with close college friends in Nashville, and went zip-lining! Yes! Zip-lining through trees over 60 feet above the ground. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

I must say that although I enjoyed my summer here in Nashville, I still look forward to traveling back to Georgia next week in order to spend time with family and friends. I really miss my family and can’t wait to see them.

Lastly, in case you are wondering how my job search is going, I’ve applied to nine jobs so far! I feel very accomplished after submitting those applications. Hopefully, I’ll get an interview, but if not, I won’t give up the search!

Overall, this has been an extraordinary summer experience.

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