Lunch and Law School


Phở (Photo credit: pyrogenic)

A great aspect to being in the heart of Boston is that we have a variety of cultural opportunities around us. Of course there’s an added benefit too: lots of great places to eat!

Though many (most?) law students probably bring their lunches each day (we have a handy-dandy student kitchen, with fridge, for your use), others buy something to eat locally. From the student-run Cooperative Income Sharing Program (CISP) snack table to local joints like Pho & I (Thai) to chains like Boloco, we have a big list of tasty places nearby. Not to mention all of the dining halls on Northeastern’s campus, too.

In fact, within 5 blocks of the law school, you can find:
*Chicken Lou’s (a cottage/shack right on campus and a local fav!)
*Au Bon Pain
*Wollaston’s Market (with prepared foods and deli section)
*Cafe at the Museum of Fine Arts
*Boston House of Pizza
*Pho & I
*Symphony Sushi
*Whole Foods Market (prepared foods)
*Panera Bread & Cafe
*Betty’s Wok & Noodle Diner
*Cappy’s Pizza and Submarine Sandwiches
*Espresso Royale Cafe
*Boston Shwarma
*Taco Bell
*…and more.

Just some food for thought.

What do you like to eat for lunch?

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