3L Year Begins!

Last week was the first week back at school! Although it is kind of tough transitioning from co-op to class, I am excited to start my 3L year. It was great seeing all of friends and classmates last week and hearing of their amazing experiences on their different co-ops. Some interned with federal judges, while others worked for firms, the government, or as in-house counsel. One friend in particular embarked on an amazing opportunity this fall quarter. She traveled to Kampala, Uganda this past Wednesday to work for a Human Right’s Organization that focuses specifically on women’s rights. My friend’s current experience shows one of the many great things about Northeastern. If a student wants to work internationally for a particular cause they can do so through NUSL. For example, I interned in Delhi, India with The Human Rights Law Network through the PHRGE fellowship (http://asia-in-india.blogspot.com/), and my friend recently traveled to Uganda to work for what she believes in. The co-op program at NUSL is extraordinary.

This quarter I am taking four classes: Advanced Legal Research, Negotiations, Corporations, and Family Law. I have three classes on Tuesday and Thursday, and one class on Monday and Wednesday. Taking three classes in one day is a bit challenging, but it is worth it because I do not have Friday classes.

One of my many goals for this school year is to have a work-life balance. Along with my four classes I am in the process of applying for jobs post-graduation, and further applying to positions for my winter co-op: I have a lot to do for school and my career. In order for me to accomplish my goal of having a work-life balance I plan to to have fun this quarter! Boston is an amazing place with a lot of rich history. I unfortunately did not have a chance to explore Boston as much as I wanted my two prior years in law school, however I plan to do it now. 🙂 In addition, this past weekend was labor day weekend and I spent it in Rhode Island for a wedding. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and I was grateful to have a break from school.

This upcoming week is going to be a very busy one. Not only do I have class, but I also have to run the first Black Law Student Association (BLSA) meeting. This year I am chair (president) of BLSA. BLSA is one of the most active organizations on NUSL’s campus. Not only does BLSA organize events for the NUSL population and the community at large, but we also serve as a support system for our members in order for them to succeed in law school and further accomplish their career goals. I am extremely excited about this year for BLSA!

For now I am headed to sleep because I have an early 10:15am class in the morning. Some of you may be thinking that 10:15am is not early at all, however I am not a morning person. Until next time, good night.

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