Thanksgiving Break Grind

I hate to be a downer, especially with delicious plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce just mere days away. But with this Thanksgiving break approaching, I can’t help but keep my eye on the stuffing prize… GET MY OUTLINES DONE!

You read that correctly. My goal for Thanksgiving is not to catch up on sleep, but to understand the difference between Subject Matter and Personal Jurisdiction, to memorize the different theories of causation, to itemize the Purchase and Sale agreement used in real estate transactions, and if there is time, to catch up on sleep. I hear this is pretty typical for a 1L. I guess I’m not the exception.

Vacation is a nice idea; and time-off to “get things done” sounds like the more practical approach. I’m looking forward to family time, but I’m also looking forward to feeling prepared for the last few weeks of school.

Speaking of giving thanks, I am SO thankful that I go to Northeastern. In light of a recent New York Times article, law firms are reporting that despite $150,000+ and 3 years spent on a legal degree, spring-chicken lawyers are simply not prepared to work. The article states:

“Law schools know all about the tough conditions that await graduates, and many have added or expanded programs that provide practical training through legal clinics… One 2010 study of hiring at top-tier law schools since 2000 found that the median amount of practical experience was one year, and that nearly half of the faculty members have never practice law for a single day.”

Well, David Segal must not have spoken to anyone at NUSL. We don’t have trade-school anxiety  or professors too concerned with their articles to excel at teaching. In fact, all of my professors share practical, real world experience. One even teaches us things we can use to impress our future employers. And on top of everything, in order to graduate, every student is required to work 4 internships! We are field-trained before we go out in the world and more prepared and more able to do the work we will be hired to do! Now that’s something to be thankful for.

T. G. I. Co-op!

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