Winter Coop

Hello Everyone!

I must update you on what has been going on these last few months.  For my winter coop I interned at a corporate law firm in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I really loved being in Hawaii during the winter, because as most of you know, Boston winters are INTENSE! I particularly enjoyed going to the beach and exploring the island on the weekends.  The water and scenery were absolutely amazing, and the people were extremely kind: it must have been the “Aloha Spirit.”

At the firm I was able to work with experienced lawyers in researching legal issues. I also had the opportunity to work on projects involving real property, business law, personal injury, respondeat superior, and commercial litigation.  Overall, my assignments were interesting.  I learned a lot on this coop and I would do it again in a heart beat.

It is bitter-sweet that working at the firm was the last of my four coops.  Currently,  I am concentrating and focusing on finishing up my law semester in law school, and hopefully finding a job in either Georgia or New York. Wish me luck!

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