Open House Volunteering

I am so excited that NUSL had such a successful open house for admitted students last weekend. It was my first open house, since I was unable to attend last year, and as far as I could tell, it was a well-attended, high-spirited event.

I was staffed at Voucher Table, which was fantastic. Not only did I get to meet prospective students, but also I got to see them smile when I took their receipts for reimbursement of travel expenses. $250 is so generous, and I think everyone was pleased!

The positive buzz during the event was contagious. Even though it was 8:00am, rainy, and cold, the conversation was full of much sunnier topics – co-op, camaraderie, and school pride. Many professors and alumni were in attendance, which made the reception hugely informative. Even more, there was free food to go around! I heard the bacon-wrapped scallop was pretty amazing. That’s probably why I couldn’t get my hands on one!

I must say that the Class of 2015 is going to be bright. Really bright! I was asked thoughtful questions about NUSL, heard stories of past work experience, and was impressed to hear the multitude of reasons for wanting to go to law school. In these conversations, I reminded myself why I wanted to go to law school – an extremely important exercise, especially with finals only a month away.

That reminds me – no time like the present to start outlining!

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