1L v. 2L (NUSL 2012)


fun (Photo credit: hodgers)


The rumors were true. If you survive 1L, the rest is downhill. The work is still there, classes are still demanding, however things are manageable and – dare I say – fun? (Don’t talk to me in 6 weeks when I’m doing exams.)


I’ve had a great start to 2L year. In August, I wrapped up my first co-op in the Immigration Unit at Greater Boston Legal Services. It was very difficult to say goodbye to the hardworking attorneys and the clients with whom I developed relationships. Funny story: A client from GBLS called me last week just to say hi. He was just checking in, letting me know how he and his sister was doing and to thank me again for the work I did on his case over the summer. I was so excited to hear from him and was SO embarrassed that it took me 4 minutes to register who it was.


  1. Being a Research Assistant for an inspiring professor.
  2. Electives!
  3. Buying a scooter.
  4. Getting geared up for Co-op #2.


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