100% of northeastern law students graduate with a full year of legal experience

The leader in experiential education

When it comes to giving students the opportunity to learn by doing, there’s simply no place like Northeastern. Our signature Cooperative Legal Education Program (co-op) guarantees you a year of full-time work experience. No other law school program comes close.

Over the past few years, most law schools have come to recognize the importance of hands-on legal experiences. At the edges of their programs, they’ve added clinics or externship programs. But, only Northeastern offers co-op. That one difference makes all the difference. With 45 years of experience in integrating theory and practice, Northeastern is the unparalleled leader in providing students with practical experience. By integrating four co-ops into your law school experience, Northeastern enables you graduate with polished legal skills, valuable connections in your field and the confidence and resume of a legal professional.

Traditional hands-on learning experiences — including clinics, moot court competitions, law journals and simulation courses — enable you to explore different areas of the law and hone your legal skills. These invaluable opportunities are all part of the mix at Northeastern and virtually every other law school. But more than any other factor, your Northeastern co-ops will help you determine where to apply your talents and build the skills to step confidently into the legal career of your choice. And you will not be alone in the process. From the moment you step onto campus, you will receive one-on-one guidance from an advisor in the Center for Co-op and Professional Advancement. You’ll design a personal learning path in which you gain the relevant experience and comprehensive skills demanded by the 21st century economy.

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