Student Post: Benjamin Joins the 1L Blogging Team!

by C. Benjamin ’16

Last October I decided to go to law school. I didn’t know the first thing about law, the LSAT, or even really why I thought this was a good idea. I just knew I wanted to go. Fast-forward: I’m sitting in the library, just having finished reading for class tomorrow. It is the beginning of my 7th week of my first year at NUSL, and I have answered all the questions I had a year ago:

  1. Law is a tool which can be wielded with skill.
  2. The LSAT is a 4 hour test for which I should have studied.
  3. NUSL is (I’m pretty sure) not like other law schools.

I can’t really speak for other law schools, but as of today I have written a memo to amend a complaint, clerked in a mock summary judgement about the above complaint, written another memo reviewing statutes governing Massachusetts pharmacies, conducted a mock a client interview, and actually met the client I will be working with for the next year.

Having done all of these things in the first 6 weeks of school, I can’t imagine what the rest of the first year holds. I have learned more in the past six weeks than I assumed was possible, which I assumed would be incredibly overwhelming and exhausting. Turns out it was, at moments (brief moments!). The thing about NUSL is not just the brilliant professors who all have open door policies. It is all the people who choose to come here. My classmates make me question whether my acceptance is some lucky administrative error. They are energized, motivated, intelligent, and above all else, thoughtful. Being here with thoughtful people committed to positive change transforms what would be grueling marathon study sessions into joyful marathon study sessions (yeah, I study a lot). Perhaps it is partly because NUSL doesn’t have grades, but my impression is that this group would help each other even if they were thrown into the Hunger Games.

If I had to sum up, and I should sum up, my favorite thing about learning law here is the WE. To borrow a mantra from a popular film “we are all in this together.” On any given day I have never felt as though I am struggling alone. We are a network of colleagues and friends, progressing apace.

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