Student Post: Fall in the City

Campus in Fall 2011by Andrew ’16

Autumn in New England is something special.  September ushers in the arrival of college students from around the globe descending upon Boston and surrounding cities.  The academic inhabitants bring with them an energy you can feel.  The T (the subway) is a little more crowded and the coffee shops are bustling with patrons.  October arrives with cool nights and crisp mornings.  As the leaves begin to turn, Boston looks more like a painting than a real city.  One might think that people would spend more time indoors as the temperature drops and the days become shorter.  However, I’d say that the opposite is true.  Fall is a great time for festivals and special events, and the Boston area has a lion’s share of both.

For example, last weekend was a particularly active in and around Boston.  Oktoberfest kicked off in nearby Harvard Square (just 20 minutes from Northeastern University by public transportation) with German food and beer gardens and polka music.  Speaking of music, the Honk Festival was in Somerville on Saturday and Sunday.  This festival included hundreds of street activist bands from around the country who paraded around both Somerville and Cambridge.  Boston also held its 4th annual Local Craft Brewfest inside the Moakley Courthouse at Fan Pier, hosting many local craft breweries.  Meanwhile, the Red Sox were at home, battling against the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS Championship (winning on Saturday night to tie up the series), and the Patriots won against the Saints at Gillette Stadium on Sunday.  All these events and many more happened in one weekend!

Next weekend, the fun continues with one of the most popular events of the season, the Head of the Charles Regatta on the Charles River.  The Charles River separates Boston and Cambridge and the regatta brings 9,000 athletes from around the world and 300,000 spectators!  It makes for a good time…that is if I can get caught up on my studies.  I guess that would be the only issue with going to school in a great city — there is always something out there to distract you.

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