Student Post: Stepping Away from the Books

by Andrew ’16

It is easy to get wrapped up in law school.  All of my classes are with the same group of people.  And though the doctrinal class schedule rotates in a pattern that keeps it interesting, most of the classes are in one room.  Outside of class, which means in the library, I once again see many of the same faces.  In other words, your world feels smaller in law school.  It may sound like I am complaining, but I promise that I am not.  There are benefits to being around the same people every day.  The familiar environment fosters a sense of collegiality and a feeling that you are taking on the challenge of law school as a group rather than individually.  Law school is challenging and you need all the help you can get to absorb the information you are being taught.  That being said, you also need to get out and do other things when the opportunity arises.

There is never a lack of things to do in law school.  The class work and reading aside, which is enough to keep you busy, there are endless opportunities to participate in community outreach, affinity groups, sports teams, and to just have fun.  Since law school started, I have been to lectures by guest speakers, attended club meetings, and participated in study groups.  Last week I went to two networking events, both of which were held at law firms in downtown Boston, where I was able to meet practicing attorneys and fellow law students from across the city.  This week I am having lunch with a professor and some classmates.  And, of course, I always look forward to Friday, especially now that my friends and I have made a habit of getting together outside of school to have dinner and relax after a hectic week.  In spite of having a full school and social schedule, I still have the opportunity to do the things I love.  I can cook or go for a run fairly regularly, and I am even learning Portuguese during my commute to and from school.  It is just as easy to do things outside of school as it is to stay wrapped up classes, making balance another important priority.  It is a good thing I like being busy!


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