Student Post: Monday Holidays

by Andrew ’16

In my career before school, I spent years working in industries where Mondays were either slow or a day off from work. When everyone else was beginning their week, I was ending mine. It had its positives and negatives. On the positive side, errands were usually a breeze because no one else was out doing them. On the other hand, on Saturday when it seemed like everyone else slept in, I went to work. Everything changed when I started my college career. Mondays suddenly took on a new identity, one which understandably became much harsher than the slow, relaxed standard to which I had become accustomed. As a result, I always look forward to Monday holidays as a way to rekindle that old feeling and to recharge my battery.

Law school, as a general rule, messes with things. What you used to do, you don’t do anymore. I am not saying this is a negative. I just notice myself thinking differently and prioritizing in a changed order. For instance, had it been Veterans Day a year ago, I would have slept late, spent the majority of the day on the couch, and possibly made an attempt to go to the gym so as not to feel like I wasted the whole day.  This year on Veterans Day, I decided to break from tradition.  I spent the Monday holiday outlining in the “law-brary” (my affectionate term for the NUSL library).  It may not seem like a good thing to do on a “day off.”  However, I argue that it was just what I needed.  The law-brary was quiet, and I was able to get quite a bit of work done.  In some ways, it was even relaxing.  Besides, I followed up my outlining session with a trip to a nearby restaurant where I met up with my “law office” colleagues for drink.  All in all, I would say I enjoyed my non-traditional Monday holiday.

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