Student Post: Round Two

by Andrew ’16

1L round two is well under way.  It seems like the class as a whole is settling back into their respective schedules nicely.  So far, there has been some continuity from last semester, allowing for familiarity.  However, things have shifted just enough to keep us on our toes.

Many things have stayed the same.  We still have most of our classes in the same lecture room, with the exception of one.  The weekly schedules and time blocks are similar to last semester.  As a result, settling back into the old habits (good or bad) has been relatively easy.  While being in class and sticking to old patterns keep things familiar, certain elements have changed enough to keep school interesting.  Obviously, having new class subjects and new professors is always an exercise in adaptability.  In addition to that, our sections have also been intermingled, adding new faces to the classroom experience.  There is also a noticeable surge of focus regarding our Social Justice Projects.  With the first draft of our projects due at the end of the week, many Law Offices (what NUSL calls the small groups you work with for Legal Skills in Social Context) are busy pulling together the last minute details of their research.  That intensity carries over to other classes as well.

Even though it is still early in the semester, the fast pace and intellectual fervor that was such a large part of last semester has already returned.  I think what makes it different now, though, is a confidence that was not there before.  As challenging as last semester was, it is obvious how much we have already learned.  The extra knowledge does not make it easier, but it does make it smoother.

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