Student Post: Thinking About the Future

by Andrew ’16

I find myself spending more time thinking about what happens next.  This is a departure from my usual frame of mind since starting law school in August.  Beginning on the first day of classes, my intent and focus has been solely on studying, reading, and desperately trying to absorb the information put in front of me.  Even during breaks from school, I have become accustomed to my thoughts wandering back to NUSL.  There was even a point right around exams that I would have a nightly dream about specific concept or phrase learned in class.  I am not sure what changed over the last few weeks, if anything really.  I just know that I have recognized a shift.

The interesting thing about law school and likely professional school in general, is the constant focus on career goals.  In some ways, it follows you.  I look around the room and know which classmates are planning to do work in Intellectual Property or Employment Law.  Likewise, there is a sense of who will be in a firm, who will be at the DA’s office, and who is still figuring everything out.  The focus is not solely on careers, but it is a large part of the process.  As a result, it is easy to focus on what I want for my future whenever time permits.  Personally, my career interests lie in business regulation and development, and it is nice to be able to find the time to pick up a copy of the Economist or the Wall Street Journal for the first time in weeks, maybe months.

I am sure that the learning and classwork will again become the sole focus of my time.  In fact, I expect it.  Knowing the work it took to get to graduate school, I do not feel that the intensity is misplaced.  In fact, I think it is a testament to my commitment to the future.  However, it is nice to see my brain becoming familiar enough with the concepts and material that I can take a minute to imagine where everything I am learning will take me.

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