Staff Post: NUSL, Past and Present

by Maura Kelly ’87, Assistant Dean and Director of the Center for Co-op & Professional Advancement

Thirty years ago I began my legal education at Northeastern University School of Law. The first day of orientation remains vivid. As part of the Dean’s welcome, he told us who were among our classmates. Our ages ranged from twenty-one to forty-something-year-olds and every age in between. During college we were residential assistants, teaching assistants, athletes, debaters, and student government representatives with majors ranging from political science, English, dance, theater, economics, foreign languages, business, and the sciences. We were first generation college graduates; accountants; labor organizers; teachers; nurses; EMTs; parents; lifeguards; restaurant workers; retail sales clerks; Peace Corp volunteers; business owners; police officers; politicians; artists; actors; and musicians. We were from all over the country and spoke many languages. We aspired to use our law degrees in a myriad of ways. What exhilaration to be among such talent and cross-section of the world! My three years at Northeastern lived up to the excitement of orientation and prepared me for a highly rewarding legal career.

Three months ago I returned to Northeastern as the Assistant Dean for the Center for Co-op and Professional Development. In this role I lead the law school’s career advising and co-op program. I am delighted to write that Northeastern’s vibrancy and top-notch legal education continues, ever adapting to the changes in the world, specifically the legal profession. The academic rigor and unique experiential learning opportunities through our co-op program attract students, like my classmates, whose study of law at Northeastern catapults them professionally in every imaginable field. Take a look at the Pathways section of our website to see what I mean. Working with students to achieve their goals is why I returned to my roots at Northeastern. I hope you join us for the best legal education and professional preparation available.

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