Student Post: What I Do When I’m Not in the Library

by Maddie ’18

Your 1L year, you’re going to feel like you live in the library (or study space of choice). It is going to seem like you are always staring at your Civ Pro book and never get to see the outside world. I’m here to tell you that although that may be true much of the time, there is time to go out and explore Boston – I promise.

Being that I am not from Boston, it took me a week or so to become adjusted to my new city. It took me a few more weeks to branch out beyond my path from home, to school, to the gym, and back home again. Once I branched out, though, I found some favorite places to go.

First: The Esplanade. It’s the charming park that runs along the Charles where I like to go to unwind. Sometimes I go there for a jog, but most times I go just to pick a spot along the water and watch the sailboats go by. When I’m not studying or working, there’s a good chance I’m here.


Second: Fenway. If you don’t make time to go to a Red Sox game in the best ballpark in America, you’re not doing it right. Even if you’re not a sports fan, it’s always a great time to have a Fenway Frank and hang out with your classmates outside of school… and is an easy 12-ish minute walk from campus! Although this isn’t as regular of a non-school activity as I’d like it to be, I’ve still made it to three games this year!


Third: The North End. One of my favorite discoveries since I’ve moved to Boston has to be some of the great Italian restaurants in the North End. Also, Bova’s Bakery – trust me. It’s like mom’s home cooking, only better and in an adorable corner of the city with historic charm. I try to make it up there every couple of weeks or so. It is ideal sustenance after a long study session.

back bay

Fourth and finally: my favorite coffee shop. I am a full-fledged caffeine-addict, so naturally one of the most important things I do when I’m not in the library is drink coffee at cute local coffee shops. I meet friends there, I call my mom there, the barista knows my name there – it’s the best. I think everyone needs a staple coffee shop even if they don’t drink coffee, and there are so many options all over Boston, you can’t lose.

So make sure you make time to go out and explore! There’s so much to see and do (and eat), and it’s so important for your mental health and survival of 1L!

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