Creating Space for Your Interests

By Alvin ’18

Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL), is a unique place for many reasons. At the top of the list are its dedication to public interest and the Cooperative Legal Education Program (co-op for short). I went to Northeastern as an undergraduate and my prior experience with co-op made applying to NUSL a no-brainer. Couple that with my knowledge of the broader campus and the general area, and I was ready to go! 

One of the best things that I did not know about NUSL is that there are so many ways to curate your academic experience. There are a host of student organizations and affinity groups, the NuLawLab and standing committees where students work with faculty on institutional matters such as curriculum and faculty appointments. The ways to make your mark and make friends are plentiful, and you are given the autonomy to create a specific opportunity if it does not already exist.

In my case, I was talking to a friend about the intersection of law and information technology. When we looked to see if there was a club or organization on campus that focused on this topic, we couldn’t find anything like it. After drafting a mission, we shopped the concept of creating a Law and Information Society (LIS) to the other students. People were interested, so we started a student organization that is recognized by NUSL’s Student Bar Association. LIS focuses on legal issues with the internet, cyber security, data privacy and any information technology in general. We have discussion meetings, film screenings and are looking to have our first set of speakers come to campus this fall.

LIS crosses over into a number of legal areas due to the ubiquity of information technology issues across industries. Health law, in particular, is an area where data privacy is becoming a major topic of discussion. There are questions of intellectual property that are also inherent with information technology. The group pretty much handles anything involving a flow or transfer of information, and it has made for an eye-opening, enriching experience.

Come to NUSL for the public interest framed curriculum or for co-op. We are the best at both! But, you will also find that the Law School excels in many domains, and there is space for you to help push them forward like we did with the Law and Information Society. You can find your place and make your mark, or you can go against the grain and make a statement. NUSL is open to advancement in many of its respectful forms, and that makes it a great place to study the law.






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