Student Post: Benjamin Joins the 1L Blogging Team!

by C. Benjamin ’16

Last October I decided to go to law school. I didn’t know the first thing about law, the LSAT, or even really why I thought this was a good idea. I just knew I wanted to go. Fast-forward: I’m sitting in the library, just having finished reading for class tomorrow. It is the beginning of my 7th week of my first year at NUSL, and I have answered all the questions I had a year ago:

  1. Law is a tool which can be wielded with skill.
  2. The LSAT is a 4 hour test for which I should have studied.
  3. NUSL is (I’m pretty sure) not like other law schools.

I can’t really speak for other law schools, but as of today I have written a memo to amend a complaint, clerked in a mock summary judgement about the above complaint, written another memo reviewing statutes governing Massachusetts pharmacies, conducted a mock a client interview, and actually met the client I will be working with for the next year.

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