Challenges of the 1L Year

By Miranda ’19

If I told you 1L isn’t hard, I would be lying. Throughout 1L you are almost always battling stress, insecurities, competition, frustration and challenges. You may feel overwhelmed, inadequate, overworked and just plain confused. It can be easy to get wrapped up in negativity during 1L. A place with high demands, a new learning system, and extremely intelligent colleagues isn’t something one can process lightly. But trust me when I say that once you learn to listen to yourself over others, a surprising majority of your stress can disappear. You’ll want to learn this lesson before beginning the opportunistic adventure we call 1L.

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Faculty Post: The Law Is Not All Out There for Free on the Internet

by Professor Sarah Hooke Lee

Contrary to a popular canard, the law is NOT all easily found – and for free! – on the Internet. Paradoxically, the explosion of plentiful on-line legal information is making it more important, not less, for law students and lawyers to become skilled legal researchers and continually update their research skills.

The law permeates everything and changes constantly. Legal research remains a bedrock experiential skill for anyone working in the law. The 2013 National Conference of Bar ExaminersNCBE Job Analysis: A Study of the Newly Licensed Lawyer confirmed earlier studies showing that legal research is a crucial experiential skill in practice. 98% of newly licensed lawyers reported performing electronic research, and 91% performed print research. Surveys done last summer at two law schools showed that 66 – 76% of law students reported spending at least half of their time conducting research while on work externships.

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