Student Post: What I Do When I’m Not in the Library

by Maddie ’18

Your 1L year, you’re going to feel like you live in the library (or study space of choice). It is going to seem like you are always staring at your Civ Pro book and never get to see the outside world. I’m here to tell you that although that may be true much of the time, there is time to go out and explore Boston – I promise.

Being that I am not from Boston, it took me a week or so to become adjusted to my new city. It took me a few more weeks to branch out beyond my path from home, to school, to the gym, and back home again. Once I branched out, though, I found some favorite places to go.

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Student Post: Fall in the City

Campus in Fall 2011by Andrew ’16

Autumn in New England is something special.  September ushers in the arrival of college students from around the globe descending upon Boston and surrounding cities.  The academic inhabitants bring with them an energy you can feel.  The T (the subway) is a little more crowded and the coffee shops are bustling with patrons.  October arrives with cool nights and crisp mornings.  As the leaves begin to turn, Boston looks more like a painting than a real city.  One might think that people would spend more time indoors as the temperature drops and the days become shorter.  However, I’d say that the opposite is true.  Fall is a great time for festivals and special events, and the Boston area has a lion’s share of both.

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