Prof. Daniel Medwed on Morning Edition about Ortiz

From WBUR: U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz was criticized for her office’s prosecution of Internet activist Aaron Swartz, who killed himself in January. (Elise Amendola/AP)

Northeastern University School of Law professor Daniel Medwed said it is shocking that a federal case could get out of the grand jury, let alone go to trial, without the prosecutor speaking to the alleged victims. The episode raises concerns about whether there are adequate checks and balances in the office, he added — something many critics of the Swartz prosecution noted as well.

“One of the jokes in New York is that they would indict a ham sandwich,” he said. “Well, here in Massachusetts, it seems a federal jury doesn’t even need the protein. It seems it would take only a couple of loaves of bread, given how flimsy and un-nutritious these cases were.”

–from WBUR‘s investigation of US Attorney Carmen Ortiz, “Ortiz Under Fire

Prof. Enrich on Radio Boston

Prof. Enrich on Radio Boston

NUSL Professor Peter Enrich was on Radio Boston (WBUR) to talk about Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s new budget. From the show:

Gov. Deval Patrick is offering more specifics on his sweeping plan to raise income taxes and cut the sales tax, which he first outlined last week. This afternoon, the governor presented a $34.8 billion spending plan for the next fiscal year. There’d be more money for transportation and education and more aid to cities and towns.